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"The gist  of the Presidential Address by Br.S. Sivadas on 15.12.13 during the Inter Lodge Meeting at Kodungallur".


The three Declared Objects of the Theosophical Society.

The three declared objects of the Theosophical Society evolved into its present form from the very beginning of the Society through additions, deletions and corrections by the Founders and their coworkers. As members of the Society we are bound to know its significance in order to stay clear from wandering away into dubious paths and lost sight of the real goal.

The first object states thus: To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without the distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color. 
It is not an idea. It is a fact in nature. One can be ignorant of it or one can deny it. But the Law will remain and those who violates it will be put to pain just like any other natural law. One can use the Law and progress only by obeying the Law just like any other natural Law. Theosophy or Brahmavidya teaches these Laws of Life and helps the aspirant to reach a higher level of Consciousness so that he can act more wisely and helpfully in his daily life. 

Madame Blavatsky, The Co-founder of the Theosophical Society said that Theosophy is Rajayoga and hence if we look deeply into the first object we can realize that it is an expression of one aspect of Niyama called Iswara Pranidhana. Universal Brotherhood implies the awareness of Unity of Life in all forms of its manifestation. Once one reaches that level of awareness, he understands the whole canvas of evolution which is known as Divine Plan in Theosophy and cooperates with it fully and wholeheartedly. He understands that Occultism knows no compromise and fully dedicates his life in His service. This is the true meaning of Iswara Pranidhana,

The second object states thus: To encourage the study of comparative Religion, Philosophy and Science.

 This is a means to reach the first object. This is nothing but Swadhyaya as mentioned in Rajayoga. Swadhyaya means self study and needs much observation and contemplation. Without the knowledge of the Science of the Self, all other forms of knowledge are incomplete. Swadhyaya helps one from falling into doubt and delusion and gives clarity to thoughts and aspirations. It keeps him away from intellectual temptations and emotional violence which has the capacity to push him out of his Path.

The third object states thus: To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in man. 

This also is a means to reach the first object. Here the method is called Tapas in Rajayoga. Tapas is nothing but purification. Purification of the physical astral and mental vehicles of the Atma so that the Consciousness can function in all these three worlds freely without affected by the intervening matter. This is the basis of all Sadhanas followed by various spiritual schools in India. Even though the three steps are given separately they are not to be gained one after the other. Daily life of the Sadhaka is the laboratory and he is the investigator. He has to stand alone. Teachers can only point out the way. But the Sadhaka has to walk alone. So Tapas needs courage. Without courage nobody can walk along the spiritual path.

So the three declared objects of the Theosophical Society if taken seriously by the student can transform him as a beneficent force in Nature.

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